What do you do when you are giving a speech and you cannot think or talk above the roar of the crowd? This is a problem that public speakers do not face everyday but do come across it from time to time.

You may be speaking at a rally or in front of a huge crowd that is very enthusiastic about the topic you are addressing and is cheering you on with loud roars and agreements. What do you do in such a situation? When people are giving you feedback, do not try to dump new material at them constantly. Pause, smile, and soak it in. Between the noise and the enthusiasm, the audience may not be able to absorb the information you give to them so it is important to maintain an understandable pace.

Another thing you can do is to just get the first few words of your next sentence out so as to indicate that you would like to carry on and speak more. Transcripts of many famous speeches such as “I have a dream” are filled with repetitions due to public response. Similar to how great comedians do not move onto the next joke when the audience is still laughing at the previous one, great public speakers do not move on to the next idea if the audience is still giving response to the previous one. Give them time to breathe, express, and respond.

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