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Hillary Clinton faces mounting criticism for having used private email during her tenure as Secretary of State. Not only is this an issue that will generate virtual 24 hours a day hysteria on Fox News Channel, but it is also of concern to moderates, Democrats and so-called members of the liberal media establishment like the New York Times. So far has the Clinton camp has been quiet on this issue.

One possibility is that the Clinton team dumps all the private emails at once and pulls the scab off of the wound. But what if a good friend has sent intensely personal information about a daughter’s abortion? Is the friend thrown overboard? And what if highly political emails are found mocking critics over Benghazi-related issues?

One thing is for sure, the Clintons attract conspiracy theorists the way the Kardashians attract millions of people who otherwise have nothing going on in their own lives. I doubt there is a smoking gun buried in the emails, then again, I’d hate for the whole world to see every email I have written or received.

Public officials do deserve to have private conversations with friends and family, and private emails. But if Clinton used her private email to conduct state business, then she loses the right to maintain there was a clear-cut wall between the personal and private. She will not satisfy her critics until every email is made public, and that could get messy for anyone with a sense of humor or who has friends who are less than perfect (does that leave anyone out?).

Prediction: Clinton’s email issues will not derail her quest for the Democratic nomination, but it is going to be a really big thing that could dominate all political discussion for the next 6 months if she doesn’t do something to defuse the issue quickly.


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