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How do you know if an online video expert is worth listening to?

If you are like me, you probably get emails or come across videos of online experts on a plethora of topics. But how do you figure out who is real and who is not?

Do what I do: I just go to their YouTube page, I look at the number of subscribers and videos they have, and I look at the viewership of those videos. A vast majority of the time, when I look at someone’s videos who is charging a whole lot of money for a webinar or workshop on how to do online video, I look at their own channel or page. If they are unable to garner any followers, subscribers, or viewership on their own videos, why would I want to learn from them?

I, myself, do not conduct webinars of how you can become a YouTube star in a month but am not averse to talking about it. It surprises me how people are ready to market and sell something which they have no demonstrable evidence of having done it themselves.

If anyone were to go through my YouTube channel, they will not see that I am as famous as Justin Bieber, but they will see that I have millions of views throughout all my videos, thousands of subscribers, and thousands of videos. Each of the videos may not have a zillion views but if you type in ‘media training’ in the search bar, I am typically one of the first few results. I practice what I preach.

So look at what the person is actually doing and you can easily determine whether or not they are the real deal.

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