Are you looking for some bad advice when it comes to public speaking? Well, you are at the right place! Here is a catalogue of the worst advices i have seen people give over public speaking.

The very first one is visualizing your audience naked. Depending on your audience, that can be either too exciting or too disgusting which is why you should not be doing that. another common advice is to limit your slides to three bullet points each, which also useless. Your slides should have visuals, not text.

People also tell you to stand in a Wonder Woman position which is quite idiotic. Another person tells you to tap on your face or going through hypnosis to improve your speaking. Hypnosis may help you overcome a fear, but you challenge as a speaker is to saying something memorable. Others tell you to visualize a standing ovation. What use is that if you give a boring speech on stage and half the audience is snoozing by the end of your speech?

All of these are mere excuses to stop you from doing what you should be doing. You should be practicing your speeches on video to analyze what you need to improve on. Bad suggestions are fairly common in the speaking industry which is why you should remain very wary of them.


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