How Do Brands Like Apple, Netflix or J Crew Make You Feel?

Jim Joseph, President and Partner of Lippe Taylor Brand Communications sat down with host of the Inside Communications TV show, Mike Bako, to discuss his new book “The Experience Effect”, and what it takes for a product to become a brand that is not only wanted – but needed.

Mr. Joseph explains how brands like J. Crew, Best Buy, and philosophy have created strong and positive brand images. Though customers are looking for different experiences online, in print, and in store, it’s crucial for branding to stay consistent.

“You can read a J. Crew catalog, visit their website, store, or social media site, and have a consistent experience that allows you take off the logo and still know you’re at J. Crew,” said Mr. Joseph.

To get to the point of having such a strong customer experience, brands need to fully understand their customers not just through demographics, but learning about their wants and needs through social media and 1:1 interactions. With today’s consumer, Mr. Joseph has learned that having a “sticky” website won’t cut it – you have to have multiple touch-points throughout the digital landscape to give your brand more reach.

You can learn more about creating brand recognition from Jim Joseph’s new book “The Experience Effect”.

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