Who Won The GOP Debate In Florida?


TJ Walker offers his analysis of why Mitt Romney gets the nod as winner of the GOP Debate in Florida over Rick Perry and Ron Paul.

3 thoughts on “Who Won The GOP Debate In Florida?”

  1. Where is the online poll Fox News posted last night? Ron Paul was winning by over 5000 votes when I went to bed and now this morning the poll is gone, as in it’s removed from the internet and Fox is running a story on how Mitt Romney won last night???? Fox went out of their way to advertise how interactive this debate was going to be and when they don’t like the interactive results, they simply erased them and ran their own.

  2. Michael H. Welbourn

    Not a Ron Paul supporter as yet, but he clearly won the debate in Florida. DO NOT like Perry for his aid to illegals or his stance on the border. Romney is to moderate and is not able to make up his mind on health care. Romney and Perry are not the front runners in my opinion. Michael H. Welbourn, Reno NV & Loyalton CA

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