YouTube Celebrates 10 Year Birthday | Media Training

It’s almost hard to imagine a world that exists without YouTube, and yet most of my life has been without it. A lot has been written and spoken about YouTube, but I still think that its importance is hard to overstate.

YouTube has fundamentally democratized the ability for people to speak out to small and large audiences, worldwide. Previously, this was available only to kings, presidents and highly influential elites. The way YouTube has changed commerce, politics, and marketing is so vast, I couldn’t begin to cover it here in this blog.


I’m still amazed at how few business people, experts, authors, and leaders take full advantage of YouTube. I’m constantly shocked, for example, to see PR professional or attorneys I know, rearrange their schedule, drive or commute 50  minutes away to give a guest lecture for free to 9 students at a university, and yet won’t post a video of the same presentation on YouTube that can be seen by 9000 students worldwide.

This is crazy. It’s not as if there were a scarcity of video recording devices around, since every smart phone, ipad, and laptop now comes equipped with one.

My theory is that most people are afraid they will look stupid on video because they have never been media trained. But the only flaw in my theory is that the vast, vast majority of my media training and public speaking training competitors also fail to use YouTube with any regularity.

I try to post at least one video on YouTube daily, often more. Does this make me a star? No, but over the last 9 years that I have been on YouTube, more than 5 million views have been racked up across several of my YouTube Channels. More important, I’ve gotten new clients, helped old clients and positioned myself as an industry leader, in large part due to posting regular content on YouTube.

If you have had “do regular YouTube videos” on your to-do list for quite some time, but haven’t figured out how to dive in the right way, then please give me a call. I’d be happy to help.

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