What do you when you have already been introduced to the audience yet someone asks you to re introduce yourself? This is something that any speaker may come across. How would handle such a situation?

There are a number of different ways such a situation can be handled. But a major part of it is to take a general sense of the room you are presenting in. i would try to use this as a learning moment. I would look at the person and say, “thank you for being interested in knowing who i am!” and then i would turn to another person in the room and ask them if they could tell their colleague who i was as i had been introduced before. Chances are, no one remembers it. Using this as a learning moment, i would say, “Your memories are perfectly fine! But this proves the reason i am here today. It is hard to get audiences to remember something unless you package it in an interesting story or interaction. That is who i am: someone who can help you speak better.

However, it is important to be careful not to offend anyone or make them feel like they are being put on the spot. Another way of doing it would be to respond with something like, “You just stood up and asked a question. Did you feel anxious or scared doing so?.” They may say yes, they may say no. but i would tell them it is perfectly normal if you do. I am here to help you eliminate that fear of speaking out.

Basically, i would try to tailor it to a person in a seamless manner that can help tie in with my topic of conversation for the day instead of just reading my biography.

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