Trump’s View on All Press is Good Press August

Trump’s View on All Press is Good Press

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is all publicity good publicity
0:10speaking the show about effective speaking in public to the media at work
0:19and in life
0:21speaking with TJ Walker
0:26if you’re listening to a show like this you have no doubt heard the old cliché
0:32there’s no such thing as bad publicity various celebrities are said to have a
0:39mouth that in times of crisis and other times
0:42most people in the pr world don’t believe this most people in the media
0:46world don’t really believe this
0:49it’s one of these old cliches and it just isn’t true
0:55now it is true of course that you’re far better off getting lots and lots and
1:01lots of publicity all the time and if ten percent or twenty percent of it is
1:06negative and the vast majority is positive you’ll probably be much more
1:11well-known have a bigger brand much better reputation than someone who has a
1:15hundred percent positive news coverage but only does an interview every two
1:18years because there’s just a lack of awareness of that competitor so it’s not
1:24that all of your media interviews had to be perfect and going to all coverage of
1:30your organization has to be great all the time its course okay to have a mix
1:36certainly if the good is far away and ahead proportionately greater than the
1:41negative coverage
1:43you’re likely to have a good reputation but there are some anomalies to this
1:51one of the most interesting tweets ever put out by Donald Trump I believe in a
1:56few other observers have waited on this as well
1:59this happened during the 2016 Republican convention
2:04Joe I of 2016 there was all the controversy surrounding Melania Trump’s
2:09plagiarism in certain sections of michelle obama’s speech something that
2:1436 hours later was officially recognized and apologized for but here’s what
2:20Donald Trump put out in the middle of this controversy
2:26this is this is on Twitter Donald Trump’s account the real Donald Trump
2:31good news is
2:32milania’s speech got more publicity than any in the history of politics
2:39especially if you believe that all press is good press
2:44now I wasn’t the first observer to point this out that Donald Trump genuinely
2:49does seem to be someone who believes that there’s no such thing as bad press
2:53he absolutely loves the media
2:57he’s been known for calling up some reporters who just trashed him but his
3:03face got on the cover of the magazine and say hey great job fantastic article
3:08when do we do another one
3:10so shocking and surprising the reporter now the other observation that some
3:16pundits have made is that Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be able to differentiate
3:21between various types of good publicity and again in his view it’s it’s almost a
3:28measure of the clips to have a pre-digital analogy it’s just about the
3:33total amount of coverage and the actual content doesn’t matter at all
3:38this is a an extreme view
3:41now i’m recording this before november election if Donald Trump becomes
3:47president then he can have the last laugh
3:51and he can say his strategy was the right attitude to have towards the media
3:57it also depends on the industry you’re in if you are a chewing gum upstart new
4:05company and you get 99 percent of the people to hate you but one percent will
4:09switch to your brand your messaging may be fine
4:13bad publicity could work if you are a talk radio host
4:19let’s say rush limbaugh for example 20 million listeners in a week in a country
4:25of 300 million so
4:28and some of those are repeats so he has at best
4:34what seven percent of the country maybe five percent of the country listening to
4:38him in the talk radio world if you have lots and lots of publicity and most of
4:43its negative and ninety-five percent of the world hates you
4:47but five percent love you then you can make the case that almost any publicity
4:52is good publicity
4:54just getting known because if you have five percent of the world listening to
4:58your talk radio show
4:59guess what you can make about 50 million dollars a year or more
5:03politics is a little bit different in that on Election Day
5:08you have to appeal to with very rare exceptions like in two thousand you have
5:14to appeal to fifty percent of the voters
5:16what’s one more about otherwise you’re out of business so I do think you have
5:23to worry a little more about while the negative publicity and the Melania Trump
5:29thing it was it was negative because it was to hear someone we don’t know much
5:34about and she’s caught stealing number one number two
5:40she said she wrote it all herself and it now appears to be a lie
5:44so you’re caught stealing your caught lying
5:50you’re stealing from michelle obama the Democrat the the current president’s
5:58wife is a bit different party
6:00ostensibly completely different ideology
6:04so it takes the question do you secretly admire the very people you say your
6:11husband’s are the enemy and horrible people and not have horrible philosophy
6:14so it was so negative it so many different levels are people really going
6:20to vote against Donald Trump for it
6:22no I don’t think so but political conventions are rare things they’re rare
6:31opportunities for political party to rebrand itself to communicate core
6:36messages that’s why traditionally Republican parties and democratic party
6:41conventions have had themes for a particular night and they’ve had their
6:46highest profile political office holders give speeches that are a little
6:52different but all have the same theme
6:54if they have celebrities they’re typically people who are the most
6:58respected in their fields such as a Clint Eastwood back in two thousand
7:02twelve give speeches
7:05Donald Trump didn’t do that time will tell that’s an effective strategy or not
7:11but to have Melania Trump story dominate the first two days of a convention and
7:18not themes of what Trump wants to do when he’s president not war critiques of
7:25what he doesn’t like Democratic administrations and Hillary Clinton has
7:30to be defined as a failure more in just a moment
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7:55most people in my experience in public life and the corporate world with you’re
8:04looking at this from a spectrum and it’s on the on at 0 is the position that all
8:10publicity is good publicity and a hundred is the position is just don’t do
8:16any interview whatsoever unless you’re guaranteed it’s one hundred percent
8:19fantastic positive coverage from a news outlet that’s friendly from a reporter
8:24we know love and trust
8:26if that’s the continuum Donald Trump is basically a 1 or 0 and in my experience
8:34most organizations are more than 50 60 70 range they’re much closer to the side
8:41of being so fearful of negative coverage that they turned down a lot of media
8:48interviews to me that is a problem – it’s definitely a problem if you think
8:53all publicity is good publicity because if everybody has a low opinion of you
8:57and no one will be your customer or vote for you or contribute to you then
9:03no well Charles Manson Charles Manson’s had a lot of publicity doesn’t make him
9:10it does make him famous or infamous but here he is in prison
9:1450 45 years later so it by definition can’t be good that all publicity
9:22it can’t be true that all publicity is good otherwise Charles Manson would be
9:26our PR role model
9:28on the other hand there are lots of professionals out there who have
9:34world-class expertise
9:36nobody’s ever heard of them because they have turned down every media opportunity
9:41in their life for fear that it wouldn’t be
9:44perfect will be a hundred percent rate the biggest problem i believe for most
9:53individuals consultants small businesses is not negative publicity
10:00it’s not a negative story biggest problem by far is obscurity
10:07nobody knowing you so please keep in mind this balance
10:11yes it’s certainly possible as Trump’s tweet points out to go too far in the
10:16extreme of all publicity is good publicity but make sure you don’t
10:21overcorrect too far the other direction of saying no to media just because
10:26you’re fearful that not being a hundred percent perfect
10:29I’m teacher walker as always may all of your presentations in life be a huge
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