Avoid Reporters When You Are Angry | Media Training | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

Media speaking tip of the day: never speak to any news media in a moment of anger.

Does that mean that I am telling you to be totally like a robot or a machine at all times? No! But if someone asks you a question or levels a charge at you and you respond angrily, then it is likely to be the most memorable part of the interview. It is likely going to be the one quote and what gets in the headline.

If you are channeling your anger on behalf of an oppressed group of people or an entire constituency, then that is a different situation. Then they may appreciate and respect that anger and it may help you build a following. But if it is just entirely personal, chances are that you might end up looking like an angry, petulant individual.

So that is my challenge to you: if you do not feel like you can control your anger, do not do the interview yet: wait a little bit longer!

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