How to sit and handle criticism?

Sit Like This to Look Your Best

For starters let’s talk about how to sit if you are doing a television interview, any sort of a video, interview. You have heard you should be comfortable confident relaxed, that is right. Well what is more comfortable than sort of sitting back relaxed? The problem with this is even if you do not have a double chin, it is going to look like you have a double chin. The camera is going to be focused on your belly and make you look heavier fatter than you are. Even if you are not fat and that for most people is uncomfortable. No one wants to look worse than they are.  So my recommendation never sits back. The cameras latching on to what it is closer to. It is closer to down here my head is further away. It makes everyone look shorter, fatter, more rumpled, unprofessional. So my recommendation never sits back on camera.

Now the next thing, you see people do all the time on major news networks and local TV stations, all over the world is something like this. “Hi, my name is TJ Walker and I help people communicate effectively to  the media. And yes I am being held  hostage now. Someone has a gun to my.  That is what it looks like. So so-called perfect posture looks  horrible on video. It makes you look  stiff, uncomfortable, unrelaxed. So how do  you sit? My recommendation hold yourself  high, lean forward, about 15 degrees to  the camera. Now it will give you a  stronger jawline. The double chin  typically disappears and it is not going  to focus, the camera is not going to  focus on your stomach. So you will look  taller, thinner, leaner, more youthful, more  vigorous everyone looks better. Now when you are looking at me like this, it does not look odd but I am going to turn here and you can see that it is a little bit odd looking but it is not uncomfortable. You are simply holding yourself high, leaning forward, and I would lead forward towards the person talking to you. If there is a reporter or anchor leaned towards that person. If you are just speaking to a camera, then lean forward to the camera. That is how you will look your best you will look thinner. You will look more comfortable. You will feel more confident and it is not a natural thing. Naturally I want to sit back prop my feet up but that does not look good on video.

How to handle criticism of your public speaking?

Part of being a good presenter and speaker is getting feedback. Learning how to use feedback in a way that is helpful and constructive and not getting bogged down with things that seem like they could be hurtful or overly personal. I read every single review of all of my online courses. At this point they are about 20,000 of them. And I typically learn something. Many times students have caught typos or other problems or suggested a different order that is useful and helpful but let’s face it one of the reasons people do not make videos give speeches is they are afraid of criticism that could hurt.

So here is a criticism I received just this morning went to my email this is a criticism that came in from the platform Udemy. A review this is one of my students print B hey bar gives me one star out of five-star review possibility. Here is the review it says “shut up your bald head TJ!”

Well so is that the best criticism I have ever had? No but as soon as I saw that I knew that it would become sort of a catchphrase around the house my wife and daughter would like that a great deal. What do you think of that phrase? We are not going to say that anymore around the house are we you? Did not post that review, did you? That’s mean. You would never say that.  So do not let one or two out of a hundred comments slow you down.  Many people get one stinging comment and think, “Well you know the Internet is nasty. I can never speak it.” No you can just ignore it or you can laugh it off.  What I think is the best medicine sometimes. Thanks for attending it. By the way I have a brand new course on personal development that is really taking off. I have to say it is the course I am most excited about. I would urge you take a look at the link below. It will either be a free coupon or by the time you see this a discount so please check it out.

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