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Equal time: that is all I ask for! So many experts feel that what they do is so much more important than anything else and that should require everyone’s time, attention, and financial resources. I do not want to be like that. But here is my point: for every minute you spend creating a PowerPoint slide, you should spend an equal amount of time rehearsing your presentation on video.

I am not saying that you should spend 10 hours of rehearsal for every one hour of presentation creation; that would be unfair and lopsided. All I am asking for is an equal amount of time. If you spend 10 hours creating, rewriting, approving, and changing your slides, make sure you spend 10 hours rehearsing the presentation where you are speaking it out loud on video.

By my estimation, 99.99% of the world never does this. The argument is that they do not have enough time for this. Well, I am sorry but if that is your attitude, then you are guaranteed to fail. Your slides might look okay but your presentation is going to be awful.

Think of it this way: if I make you rehearse your presentation for hours and then give you 10 minutes to compile your slides, you will argue that your PowerPoint presentation will look horrendous and unprepared. That is how I feel when you tell me you do not have equal time to practice and rehearse and that 10 minutes is enough practice.

You have to set deadlines as to when you want to have created your slides, which should ideally be at least a day ahead of your presentation, and then focus the rest of your ample time on rehearsal on video.

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