What is the Difference Between a Speech Versus a Presentation | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

What is the difference between giving a speech versus delivering a presentation? In my professional opinion: nothing! It is simply a made-up difference in our own heads!

It is important to realize this because quite often we tell ourselves that we are not really giving a speech, we are just giving a presentation so I can sit down and rebuild on my points. Every time that you talk to another human being, and it may just be chit chatting about last night’s American Idol episode or the football game, it is a speaking opportunity.

Regardless of the situation you are talking or conversing in, your goal is the same. You want them to understand and remember your message so they can take some action. That is why it is critically important to go through a similar process. You have to have ideas that are explained in an understandable and memorable way.

That is why I believe that the distinctions of not believing a speaking opportunity is a speech or a presentation are useless. It can be whatever you want to call it- a speech, a presentation, a talk- but it is essentially an opportunity for you to either communicate or not to communicate. And that is exactly what you should focus on.

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