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For more than 30 years, I have worked with a variety of media outlets- my own social media outlets and also little weekly newspapers, trade publications, and radio networks, and there is typically some from of deadline. It could be an article once every two months or something else.

Here what I have found: it is often easier to do something once a week or even once a day than it is doing it once a month. You spend a lot of time thinking about it and procrastinating. Sometimes you are better off giving yourself specific deadlines on a more frequent basis as this will help sharpen you and get you thinking better.

Some of you have heard me mention this before but I’ll restate it here: a part of why I think I am helpful to my clients about answering any question they have when it comes to speaking to the news media or giving speeches is just that I think about this stuff literally everyday. I think about how I can help other people in their mission to speak more more effectively.

A part of what I do is that if I am not recording a video everyday, I write a title or topic for some aspect on how to improve public speaking or media skills seven days a week. I just have an automatic reminder on my calendar at 7 am to come up with a topic. I write it down and I may only spend 20 seconds on it.

Then once a month or once every hundred days, I’ll go ahead and do all the videos at once which helps strengthen me as a communicator because I am giving myself forced deadlines. These days, with social media and with you being able to control your own blog, your own Youtube channel, or your own Facebook page, there is no reason to just have something as rare as or as infrequent as once a month or even once a week.

In my view, you need more regular expression of your content now. If you are sharing your expertise on things that are affected by new trends, then it should be more frequent.  

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