Use Bold, Action-Oriented Words -Media Training

Action movies always outsell foreign art films in which people just sit around and talk. All good storytellers (a.k.a. journalists) want to weave action into their tales. So when you are being interviewed, you enhance your chances of being quoted when you use bold, action-oriented words. Here are some examples: destroy, decimated, ripped off, soared, smacked, attack, hugged.

Any word or phrase that suggests bold movement or action is enticing to the reporter’s ear. Bold, action-oriented words do not have to be negative or attacking. They can be positive, even loving. Of course, if you promise to “rip his lungs out through his nose,” chances are 99 to 1 that you will be quoted. The trick, as always, is to make sure you use action words only if they accurately bring to life your key message points.

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