Practicing Your Way To Job Interview Success

by Kate Forster

We’ve all been faced with tasks that are less than appealing. Tasks like cleaning out the garage or raking leaves. These types of tasks are looming for legitimate reasons.

Cleaning out the garage will inevitably be a task that involves the need to part with things like that pair of roller blades you haven’t used in 5 years, and worse, be faced with reminders of the laundry list of other projects you’ve never gotten around to. The benefits are of course that you’ll finally know where to find that tool you’ve been looking for and have a more spacious parking spot!

I don’t know how you feel about raking leaves, but not only does it end with a sore back, but also a frigid reminder that winter is around the corner. Of course, this chore does offer you the opportunity to enjoy the vibrant colors and the crisp fall air.

Then there are tasks that come your way that don’t seem necessary. I was recently contacted by an event planning company who is interested in scheduling a phone interview with me. Before this can be arranged, the woman asked that I research the company’s website so we can have another call to continue the qualification process. Diligently, I went home that evening and scoured the website. It seemed that with each click, I determined that this was not the company for me. I have no desire to start “my own business”. I felt inclined to simply pass on the interview all together, but then the silver lining appeared. I realized that I’ve just been given a great opportunity to practice for the interviews I actually want without the tremendous amount of pressure and stress.

Sometimes doing the things we least want to do, help prepare us for the things we really want. Silver linings are all around us. You just have to look for them.

About Kate:
Kate Forster, Joy Expert, is the author of the blog Joyous Joys

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