Why is Network Solutions lying? Network Solutions battered by DDoS attack and now batters its own clients with lies

The fastest way to upset your client base if you are an internet hosting service is to have your system hacked and have all your sites go down.

The second fastest way to upset your client base is to go on social media channels two days later declaring that the problem is solved and everything is back to business as usual but still have clients who have their sites down.

Congratulations to Network Solutions for going two for two.

We here at Media Training Worldwide and PitchingWell are currently caught up in the web of hackers and misinformation being disseminated by Network Solutions.

We all know that hackers can strike and render a company impotent to do much about it if the hackers get their way. We know that is a fact of life in todays wired world and can sympathize with an incident when it happens. That is what happened to Network Solutions earlier this week.

What we can’t have much sympathy for is the way Network Solutions is communicating with their clients and the rest of the world. To anyone in the outside world who reads a blog post or article about all the issues going on the message they would receive and what they would be led to believe is that anyone who uses Network Solutions would have a website that is back up and running.

So what on earth would people think if they came to our PitchingWell site (www.pitchingwell.com)?

Let me tell you, they would think we are a bunch of schmucks who have either gone out of business or forgot to pay their bill.

With each passing hour that our sites are down we are incurring damage to our reputation and loss of valuable time that would be spent updating our site and services our own clients.

Maybe the only way Network Solutions will get our message and the message of all the other small businesses that are effected by this latest hack and bogus press release is to turn our own sites dark and leave Network Solutions when, and if, they ever get our site back up and running.

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2 thoughts on “Why is Network Solutions lying? Network Solutions battered by DDoS attack and now batters its own clients with lies”

  1. Hi Mike,

    I work for Network Solutions wanted to let you know how sorry I am that http://www.pitchingwell.com/ is resolving to a error page. I understand how difficult that must be for you and your business to face this. We are investigating your site to resolve this and our support team will be in touch with you. Thank you for your patience and we appreciate your being a customer.


    Shashi Bellamkonda

  2. I’m not with Network Solutions, but does it really have to be considered lying?

    You know, I’ve seen some hosts say something like this:

    “Folks, we’re sorry for the downtime caused by a DDoS or network attack. And we’re glad to say it’s been finally resolved. Now, if your web site or email is still not active despite this, please let us know right away so we can fix that.”

    Then I see some folks attack the third sentence, saying it doesn’t express confidence. Well then, what else can the host say to express confidence?

    Or…will this be a case of not being able to please everyone anyway, but just doing what they can? Service providers are fully aware of the need to restore their clients’ services ASAP, and they also realize people don’t care how except to make that happen.

    Not really to challenge you, but how exactly can providers like Network Solutions make this any better?

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