‘Mystery meat’ lawsuit dropped: A victory for Taco Bell? -Media Training

Taco Bell is claiming a meaty victory now that the lawsuit alleging that its taco filling couldn’t legally be called “beef” has been dropped. Here, a guide to the case: Mike Bako, Vice President of Media Training Worldwide: “It is much sexier to print and air an attack story than it is to go back four months later to explain the full details and specifics of a story.” “There is no rush to clear them in the media because most members of the media probably believe that individuals that buy fast food get what they deserve in terms of quality.” “The three to four million dollars that Taco Bell and Yum Brands spent in advertising is merely a drop in the bucket compared to their overall ad budgets and earnings. Taco Bell comes out on top because in essence they spent 4 million dollars in advertising to resurrect this story for a day or two.”

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