Media Training Workshop

Eliminate your Fears of Speaking to the Media

Speaking to the media is a much different skill than any other type of public speaking. A media interview is unlike any other conversation you have in your daily life where you have absolutely no control over the context of how your words will be presented to the final audience. The media can slice and dice anything you say.

So, how do you gain CONTROL during an interview and get the exact messages you want in the piece? Media Training Worldwide has specific systems to teach proper body language, messaging, answer techniques, and sound bite creation. These techniques can be used for TV, Print, Radio, and New Media.

By learning to master the dozen most important secrets of media interviews, you will become more confident, relaxed, more convincing and most importantly, get the exact messages you want into media stories. Isn’t that the goal?

We ask our clients all the time, “If the answer you just gave was the only thing that made it into the media piece, would you be happy.” After rehearsal sessions mixed with the skills we’ll give you, you will be happy with the answers you give.

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The Media Training Workshop

Your time is valuable. Most people waste large blocks of time practicing the wrong way. Others don’t know how to quickly and effectively rehearse so the first time they practice is in the actual media situation. They essentially allow their “first draft” of their interview to be the one they share with the world. We don’t know about you, but our first drafts are never perfect. If speaking to the media is part of your marketing or advertising strategy, would you ever allow a first draft of your marketing and advertising messages to go to the world? Would it be worth it to know now to quickly and easily shape those messages? How about having the techniques to field any question? Would it be a valuable skill if you could dramatically increase your chances of getting the exact answer you want into media stories? This is what we do for our clients. This is what has made us the best in the world. Our clients, which inlude CEOs, CFOs, U.N. officialsThat’s just a piece of what we’ll do when we work with you.

We provide customized training for each attendee so that they are well-equipped to handle ANY media situation. This interactive program consists of real world video examples of techniques you can put into action right away. We’ll have you practicing the techniques a minimum of 8 times each day, combined with critique and analysis. We say the process is like riding a bicycle. If we didn’t get you up on the bicycle multiple times, you’d fall down. Since we get you on camera a minimum of 8 times practicing, you actually walk away with a new set of skills. The goal after each practice? Do more of what you like, eliminate more of what doesn’t work. It’s that simple.

It doesn’t just end there. What separates us from every other media training program is we also give you a long-term solution for being able to remember what you learned and actually get better and better. We provide our attendees with 1 full year of customized post-training support that includes follow-up learning materials along with feedback.

Who Should Attend?

Those who attend our Media Training Workshop come from a vast array of industries but all have one common goal: to be in control in every media situation.
Are you one of them?

• Business executives
• Organizational leaders
• Entrepreneurs
• Sales executives
• Spokespersons
• Candidates for public office
• PR Spokespersons
• Communications professionals
• Experts & Authors
• Those who want to look, sound, and act MEDIA READY before the
media calls

You will develop your own strengths

Your strengths and weaknesses are unique to you. This Media Training Workshop will analyze, probe and diagnose your performance in a way that is specific to you. This customized approach is the only way you can truly learn to improve.

Once you learn the basics of speaking, your body and mind will be more comfortable with the whole media process. Your tensions associated with upcoming interviews will gradually melt away. Over time, you will learn to be an effective communicator and may actually enjoy every media opportunity because you have a clear sense of goals, and the tools to see them through.

Call us now to find out how we can specifically meet your needs:
(800) 755-7220 or +1 (212) 764-4955
We are happy to just give you a copy of Media Training A to Z to get you started.

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