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You want your media message to be engaging and unique. After all, when speaking to the NEWS media, you should have something new to say. It simply won’t do to spout out last year’s marketing slogan and expect a reporter to find that interesting enough to include in a story.

When you are testing potential media messages, make sure that at least one of them is genuinely new news or that it at least has a new spin. Reporters are paid to come up with new stories for their readers, viewers or listeners. You are of no use to them if you are handing out old material.

Of course, there are very few entirely new ideas under the sun, but there are new combinations of ideas that can form a newsworthy message. Be sure to put a new package on your ideas before presenting them to the news media. This will increase the odds that you are taken seriously and that your message finds a place in front of a larger audience.

Your message doesn’t have to be funny or extreme or outlandish, but it does need a novel twist. So don’t make the mistake of trying to push last month’s ad copy from a brochure on unsuspecting reporters. Unfortunately, these reporters are expecting much more from you – and you must deliver the goods. Come up with a new angle for your messages.

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