How NOT To Stay On Your Message Points During A Media Interview

Britain’s Labor Part leader Ed Miliband could not have produced a worse example of someone staying on their message points if they tried in his recent BBC interview.

We tell our clients to develop three message points and stick with them throughout the interview. Pepper in sound bites to make your answers more quotable and you have a winning combination.

Never, ever just simply sit there and robotically repeat the same answer over and over again. Not only do you come off sounding and looking foolish but worse yet, no one will actually pay attention or remember anything that you are saying because they will only be focusing on how odd your conduct is during the interview.

1 thought on “How NOT To Stay On Your Message Points During A Media Interview”

  1. OMGOSH!!! MUST he say the same thing over and over and over?! (Your point exactly!) Oh, BTW, what IS his point? Something about stopping the rhetoric … is that what’s he’s doing? or what he’s proposing everyone else stops doing?! sheez …

    Thanks TJ!

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