Executive Media Coaching

Are you looking for executive media coaching? If, so, you’ve found the right place.

Media Training Worldwide delivers intensive one-on-one training to senior executives at publicly traded corporations as well as C-level executives at privately-held companies around the globe.

Executive Media Training

Many Executives would like to have more exposure to media training but are not sure how to prepare themselves for the media. The most successful executives, from small investment firms to iconoclasts like Elon Musk, know how to use the media to have a massive impact on their businesses. Whether it’s becoming a content creator for social media or being interviewed on national television, the most successful executives need the know-how and precise skills to position themselves as the number one experts of their industry.

One-On-One Media Coaching for Executives

Only the most dedicated and committed executives are admitted into this limited seat program. This is a year-long, one-on-one transformational program that changes participant’s lives forever. This program only opens up a few times a year to select individuals.

If you are an eight-to-nine figure entrepreneur or a top executive at a Fortune 500 company who wants to master the media, then Media Training Worldwide’s executive training program is the perfect fit for your needs.

Executive Media Coaching can help executives prepare for hostile interviewers and difficult audiences by training them how to form messages and how to deliver them efficiently and at ease before groups, cameras and reporters. Anyone can learn to come through a news interview and deliver a positive message – but only with the right help.

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Executive Media Coaching teaches techniques for everything from neutralizing loaded questions, to anticipating journalists’ queries. Learn how to turn negative questions into positive answers, how to deal with reporters who interrupt or paraphrase, and how to prepare for media encounters and difficult announcements.

Media coaching practice sessions videotaped and beneficially critiqued afterwards so you sharpen your skills and develop the understanding and self-confidence to speak in charged situations.

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