Crisis Communication Training

Crisis communication training is a specialized form of communication training on how to deal with the media during crisis.

Crisis communication is one of the most important insurances you can provide for your company’s public brand.  We highly recommend that the spokespeople at your company receive the crisis communication training and be prepared.

You are in control of how you prepare for a crisis, but you are not in control of the circumstances and scope. Click the button below to be prepared.

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Why you should get crisis communication training

With our Crisis Communication Training you will get the exact word for word message, soundbite, the final story you want the media to report whether it’s on TV, radio or print during a crisis.

Whether the media loves you or hate you, by communicating effectively during a crisis situation, you will be in control.

Regardless of whether you are a publicly traded company or the CTO of a gas and oil company, it’s important that you  know how to prepare before a crisis in your company and industry hits.

Crisis communication is a sub-specialty  in public relations (PR) that hyper-focuses on defending individuals and companies whose reputation is in contention.

If you or your organization is looking for the best crisis communications training course, then Media Training Worldwide is the right choice for you. Call us now on +1-212-764-4955


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The First Two Parts of our crisis communication training course

You will master communicating during a crisis situation. In this training, you’ll learn crisis communications in four parts.

How would you feel when you are in the middle of a press conference where reporters are yelling, everybody wants to ask you questions? 

It’s natural if you feel the negative emotions of fear and nervousness. So, our first step in mastering crisis communication is to help you come across as confident, comfortable, even relaxed during a crisis situation.

With limited time to convey your messages effectively, what you need is clarity and focuses messages, that’s the second aspect of our crisis communication training. You’ll learn the 3 steps to do it quickly and effectively.

Our story

Public Speaking Course At Media Training Worldwide

Media Training Worldwide is an  industry leader in Crisis Communication Training, having trained some of the most prestigious Leaders, organizations, and celebrated individuals in the last two decades.

Our trainers have presented more than 2000 public presentations. We are specialists at one thing – media training. We cherry pick the most competent crisis communication trainers across the world to help you and your colleagues communicate at your best during a crisis situation.

The other Two Parts

The third part that you’ll learn in our crisis communication training course is to answer questions effectively.

You’ll learn how to answer the questions effectively without dodging them, that way you will come across as credible.

And the most of important, you will learn how to package your messages in an interesting, quotable, soundbites.

You’ll be in control of what messages, what soundbites you want the media to include in their story. You will be able to achieve all these well in advance through of our training.

If this is what you’re looking for, then give us a call on +1-212-764-4955.


We offer top-end services for Speaking and communicating

Private in-person training

Our private in-person training is often requested by top executives and political leaders. We’ve helped thousands through our one-on-one training become masters at crisis communication through our crisis communication training.

Our one-on-one training is done over a video call. We use the same procedure as we do in our private, in-person training.

The added benefit is that you will be receiving crisis communication training from the comfort of your office or home.

Our group training is conducted live in-person and through Zoom.

Due to the current climate, 95% of our training is done through Zoom or Microsoft teams.

This is our most popular option for corporations and non-profits who are looking to quickly improve their representative’s crisis communication skills. 

Our crisis communication training program is  for individuals who want to communicate with confidence during a crisis situation.

Due to the care and attention we provide to our most select clients, our crisis communication training is only offered at a limited number of spots.

We work with no more than five individuals or organizations at a time. When a spot becomes available, they are often gone in a matter of weeks.

If this is the right option for you or your organization, we can check for availability or add you to the waitlist.

Public in-person training

While this option is less popular than our Zoom meeting offering, this is still the go-to choice for some of our most loyal clients who are looking to train their top executives. We are able to meet your people anywhere in the world, provided our travel costs, food and lodging are fully covered and will make you stand out from this public speaking course.

We also provide public workshops online for our online course students.

When you purchase one of our premium courses on Media Training Worldwide, can be media training coursepresentation skills training, etc. you will also gain one-time access to our live training that happens on Thursdays at 12:00-1:00 PM EST (a $300 value.)

We have students from over 150 countries in our online courses.

Online training

We have one of the largest online learning libraries on communication training materials available on the market. Each of our courses comes with a live training component. Each of our courses contains a live training component where you can work with one of our trainers to refine your skills.

We provide the largest online learning on-demand class libraries on crisis communication course materials available on the market.

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