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In today’s world, your public speaking skills, presentation skills and facilitation skills are as important as tech skills. Maybe more important. Our presentation skills training will help you inform, persuade and drive actions, your audience will love you and everything you present.

We’re ready to help you improve your presentation skills drastically. Are you ready?

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Why you should get effective presentation skills training

Presentation skills training assists executives and business leaders like you to become industry-grade sector leaders in your niche.

The problem that most business executives have is that they lack the ability and discipline to narrow-down their message to their audience.

Many business executives will speak to an audience without boiling down all of their contents to their three most important messages. so we provide you the best, most effective executive training to convey your messages with clarity and power.

This may seem like an insignificant of key messages to share, but ask yourself, “what is the last message that I learned through our quarterly meeting? How about the last Ted talk I watched.?”

The chances are that it’s challenging to remember more than three key messages, even from the most compelling presentations.

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Why you should join our advanced presentation skills Coaching

Presentation skills are crucial for industry leaders to maintain or strengthen your confidence with your stakeholders, market and the general public.

Media Training Worldwide’s training can and will provide you the strength and the confidence to present with finesse.

With our advanced presentation skills coaching you’ll gain the ability to lead and facilitate a great presentation that helps people become the absolute best version of themselves. 

The same way that we can motivate others affects all of our relationships, from the boardroom to our closest family members.

This doesn’t mean we’ll be able to boss our spouse and kids like they are subordinates, but it does allow us to wield greater influence in every dimension of our lives. 

We offer public speaking courses as well. Do check them out.

Our story

Presentation Skills training At Media Training Worldwide

Media Training Worldwide trainers are experts on giving you communication and presentation skills training. We help you and members of your business gain world-class presentation abilities through our rigorous and formulaic process.

After someone enters our training process,  the difference is often between night and day.

Often participants look over footage of themselves before and after their training and tell us  how amazed they are of their rate of improvement.

It comes as no surprise that being a firm that has trained prime ministers, the presidents of countries, and Nobel laureates, you’ll get the best training in the world.

Worldwide presentation skills training course

Media Training Worldwide works with clients from all around the world.

We have trained individuals on-site in more than 50 different countries.

we can also provide you virtual presentation skills training course via Zoom or other platforms and have trained students online from more than 150+ countries through our courses 

The diversity of our clients vary, from the largest NGOs on the planet, to Sillicon valley unicorn startups, to undisclosed government representatives across different administrations.

We also work with qualified individuals on a one-to-one basis.


We offer top-end services for public speaking coaching

Private in-person training

Our private in-person training is often requested by authors, leaders in government, and hedge fund managers. We’ve helped thousands through our one-on-one training become masters at presentation skill

Our private presentation training is catered to helping top executives, hedge fund managers, presidents of NGOs and political leaders further enhance their mastery of thier presentiation abilities. 

Our one-on-one sessions are tailored to the needs of our clients. Whether you are a soon-to-be bestsellign author or an executive ready to go roadside for your IPO, we have your best interests covered.

Not only are you going to be given the tools you need to be the star of your industry, you will also unlock your abilities to consistently improve your communication skills of a lifetime.

Our group training specializes in helping large groups of executives and managers gain presentaton skills in rapid succession using our unique approach to presentation training we provide participants immediate feedback during a training, so every one of your colleagues will see a exponential growth in our day-long workshop.

Public in-person training

While this option is less popular than our Zoom meeting offering, this is still the go-to choice for some of our most loyal clients who are looking to train their top executives. We are able to meet your people anywhere in the world, provided our travel costs, food and lodging are fully covered.

Our presentation skills workshops instill some of the best qualities of our group trainings that we perform with fortune 500 companies at a  more economical price point.

This is a good option for bootstraped entrepreneur or a college graduate who needs the most simple methodology of developing presentation skills.

Participants will be given the tools they need to make incremental improvements in the quality of their work.

Everyone will use the same methodology that we use in our private group training for their own personal goals.

Presentation skills will make sense after you or your colleagues enroll in one of our public workshops. 

Online training

We have one of the largest online learning libraries on materials available on the market. Each of our courses comes with a live training component. Each of our courses contains a live training component where you can work with one of our trainers to refine your skills.

Media Training Worldwide is well-known for our extensive online library. We have one of the largest private course libraries on presentation skills in the world.

You can gain access to thousands of unique lectures at the touch of a button.

When you enroll in one of our on-demand classes, you are automatically given an online training with one of our presentation skill trainers at no extra cost.

We provide live courses privately over Zoom. We often work with organizations this way who are extra cautious about the global climate.

Our customers always come out of this training feeling that they both experienced a ton and also learned as much as they could chew.

We also provide Live courses to the general public. If you enrol in one of our on-demand courses you will automatically be admitted to one of our online live courses.

Our live courses will help you get absolutely clear about what you need to do to improve your presentation skills.

We will walk you through the process of increasing your presentation abilities.

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