Warren Buffett manages money and his reputation expertly -Reputation Management

by Mike Bako
Warren Buffett normally takes the stage at the annual meeting weekend for Berkshire Hathaway to sit in the glow of profits and good news. This years meeting was slightly different with tough questions about the world economy and front and center for Buffett, the scandal surrounding David Sokol, the former head of two Berkshire businesses who was once seen as Buffett’s heir apparent.

Buffett did an excellent turn at the podium and in media interviews containing the issue and admitting that he had made an error in judgement.
This is a huge admission for someone who has staked his reputation on his sound judgement of companies, investments and his team at Berkshire.

In the short term Buffett will take a hit for grooming an heir apparent that is being investigated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission but he has enough of a track record to certainly overcome this.

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