The Power Of The Positive -Media Training

When you are constructing your media messages, make sure to come up with points that are entirely positive about yourself. There will be plenty of other people – competitors or journalists – willing to say negative things about you. You can’t control that, but you don’t have to make your detractors’ job any easier.

It is human nature to be drawn to people and ideas that are framed in a positive fashion. This doesn’t mean you should sugarcoat issues or dissemble, but it IS essential to frame your arguments in a clean, simple, well-focused manner without getting bogged down in, “On the one hand this . . . and on the other hand that . . .”

When formulating your media messages, sort out those that are completely positive from those that contain mixed or negative elements.
The Power of Positive Thinking may come across as glib clichés when coming from another generic motivational speaker, but when you start to open your mouth in front of the news media, make sure your message is 100 percent positive about you. You may have to define a problem or even criticize others, but don’t be critical of yourself in any manner.

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