Rep. Anthony Weiner resigns over Twitter scandal

by TJ Walker
For the first time in the entire Weiner Scandal, Congressman Weiner didn’t make the biggest possible blunder. For once, Weiner wasn’t stupid.

Here are the smart things Wiener did:
1. He showed up in person to deliver the news; he didn’t hide behind a written statement.
2. He against apologized.
3. He blamed himself.
4. He didn’t make phony baloney excuses.
5. he took not only responsibility for his mess, but finally took punishment, in the form of giving up his office.
6. He was brief, the statement was only 4 minutes long.
7. He didn’t take questions. avoiding questions is normally a bad idea, but in this situation, he had nothing to gain by taking questions and his statement should serve as the final message he gives people on this scandal (at least for awhile)

Anthony Weiner now replaces BP’s Tony Hayward as worst executive in a crisis communications disaster in the last 30 years, but at least Weiner ended things as well as possible today.

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