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With Private media training one-on-one Course we help individuals do for very specific things when working with you one-on-one.  We help you achieve best version of yourselves

Thanks for reaching out and reading this article about private media training. We help individuals do four very specific things when working with you one-on-one.  We help you 

  1. look comfortable confident relaxed any time you have to be in front of the media, especially if there’s a video camera involved number.
  2. how to shape a media message how do you go from a complex subject and really boil it down to your top three messages, something you can say in 30 seconds or less.
  3. how to answer questions in an interview it’s not like a normal conversation.
  4. the final skill in many ways the most important is teaching you how to package your messages with sound bites so that you know in advance exactly what quotes are going to get into the final story. 

Private media training one-on-one is about having a high level of control of how you act and present in any given situation. It’s not just about being comfortable with the media. This truth is, you can be comfortable with the media and frankly be awful and never get quoted, or get quotes that are so awful, they destroy your career. So, comfort is only the very first hurdle; the ultimate is about helping you get the exact word for word message you want in the final story.  That’s what we are training you to do. 

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