PRACITCE Your Habits Everyday

The easiest way the least amount of time to refine your public speaking skills is to give one speech every day.  Wait a minute TJ! I just said I want to spend less time speaking. Look hear me out!  I will give one speech a day and make it a 15-second speech. That is right! Make it a 15-second speech I do whenever you know.  I also talk for two hours every day and sometimes give keynotes and other things do but I give one 15-second speech every day to my friends on Tick-tock, and my friends on Instagram and snapchat and LinkedIn and several other platforms. One speaks it only takes 15 seconds. Because Roger if you do that and any of you if you do that. It is very hard to have your skills decline if you do something every single day even if it is for as little as 15 seconds.

Now you would be speaking just to your own cell phone. You can do it anywhere you can be dashing off to work you can be walking down the street.  This morning I was running late I had to dash to the dentist office. I was running back from coffee and breakfast in midtown Manhattan. I was on the street I  pulled my cell phone out and I spoke for  15 seconds now.

Here is an advanced tip that will save you time and make yourself a better speaker.  Tell yourself in advanced this is lie.  You do not have to do it lie but tell your settle it is lie no do-overs. You are going to speak for 15 seconds because in real life at Toastmasters at a business and a convention at a trade association if you are giving a speech and you are there in front of people. There is no do-overs you are there you have to speak if you make a mistake you have to keep going. I would recommend you build on that habit of just continuing. You make a little mistake; a blunder just keeps going.  I have mistaken frequently in my 15-second speeches. Nobody notices nobody cares.  All right if I stumble horribly, I say the wrong thing in the first five seconds, I hit delete. I will do it over but 95% of the time when I make a daily video for Instagram for Twitter for Tick-tock I do it in one take. Here is what this is doing it is forcing me to get comfortable speaking, to get comfortable speaking knowing other people could see me.  And indeed, typically several thousand people around the world on half a dozen platforms see each 15-second video.

So, I know every single day I am going to speak to at least several thousand people that does not include the people on this broadcast today. When you do something every day. You do not get as nervous.  People who play tennis every single day all things being equal are better than people who play tennis once every six months. It is hard to be a great at anything if you only do it once a year.  Once every six months and unfortunately for many business executives, political leaders because they do not like speaking, they do not actively seek out speaking opportunities. So, they are only doing it once every six months once a year and their skills at refine that is what you do not want. I understand you are busy you have responsibilities family commute meetings.  You have to attend but you have 15 seconds a day.

I guarantee you if it is important to you to keep your skills honed to improve your public speaking skills make sure they grow rather than shrink. Do the 15 second solutions. The other great challenge this is, it forces you to think it is actually easier to do a one-minute video than it is a 15-second speech.  15 seconds there is no room for fluff. I do not mean to suggest you should edit it and write out a script and use its teleprompter. I want you to get into the habit of just speaking one idea 15 seconds. Am I saying everything has to be superficial and everything said? No! I obviously believe in going in depth. I am here with you every single day for two hours. So, I love the ability to go into detail to go into depth but if you are looking for the quickest easiest, fastest way to keep your speaking skills improving constantly do the 15 second solution. A simple 15-second video that you post on Tick-tock and all other social you can even post it on YouTube as well. And you will get more feedback from people responding to your speaking you want to be a better cook the best books in the world do not cook once or twice a year they cook every day. Many of them cook every meal.  If you want to be great at writing, you do not write once a year great writer whether you love Steven King, whether you love Shakespeare they wrote every single day. Stephen King still does anything you do daily. You are likely to get better at and it simply does not take that long.  Now if you want to take it up a notch one suggestion, I do have is go live you.  See me you hear me now it may be on a video on demand but this is live when I am doing it there is no do-overs.  I am not hitting delete and editing out things. This is live I am thinking and speaking to you at the same time. That is a great practice when people are nervous if six months go by and you have not given a speech if you stand up and you try to think what happens is you are thinking. Oh no everybody’s looking at me what was I going to say I forget what.  I am going to say right there where is my script that is the normal human inclination.  If you speak infrequently if you speak often enough you can think and talk at the very same time and feel in control and feel relaxed and feel as comfortable as when you are having a conversation with your best friend.

So, option two for how you can quickly easily practice public speaking in the least amount of time preferably once a day. But nothing else once a week, hold your cell phone up and go live on some platform Tibbie, tick tock, could be Facebook could be, YouTube but you can speak live on so many platforms. And you may only have one  person watching, okay but save the video  and people can watch it on demand that  is speaking and it is the type of public  speaking because people could be  watching you all the world and doing  that  someplace could be easier than the  15-second did not if you are worried about  the time constraint if you are going live  could be 15 seconds although that is a  bit short could be 2 minutes, could be 5  minutes. You could go for 2 hours than what I do every day. The point is put something on your calendar, could be noon on Wednesday, every week you are going to do a Facebook live where you speak about either a hobby of yours or your area of expertise in your profession. Do one of the other if you do that you will improve your public speaking skills even if you do not get booked to speak at the Kiwanis Club or anyplace else keep your skills improving.

I am TJ Walker that was second and B for today. Thanks, so much Roger for your questions! 

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