Move To Your Message Points -Media Training

In every interview you reach a point when you have to give a preliminary, short answer to a question. You answer just enough so that no fair-minded person can accuse you of dodging the question. So what do you do now? You have a choice. You can go more and more deeply into your knowledge database and give a fuller and richer answer, or you can move back to your original key message points.

The media master moves back to the message points. At any point during your interview, you are either moving toward your message points or you are moving away from them. Once you head away, it is exceedingly hard to turn back. Don’t lose your focus on your message points. Move toward them—not instantly, but don’t take too long either. Skilled media communicators learn to fight the urge to show off expertise. Instead, the media master uses his or her cunning to restate original message points, giving new examples, facts or twists. While the packaging may be different, the core message points remain the same and they are reemphasized.

Always move toward your message points.

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