Media Interview Training

Whether you are just beginning your journey into being in front of the media, or you are already an expert in speaking with the press, our courses will change how you approach media training forever. With over 100+ courses, we have the largest intellectual library of courses on media training and public speaking in the world.

Our media interview training makes certain that our clients learn to deliver “their message” in any interview. Through on-camera interviews, our media skills trainers teach our clients how to turn a terrifying situation into an opportunity by understanding differences between different types of interviews.

Learn what it takes to survive and thrive in the changing media marketplace. Our concentrated media interview training gives you realistic techniques and proven tactics for handling interviews while under the demands of the media spotlight.

Whether television talk shows, radio, remotes from the field, panel discussions or print interviews, our media interview training offers memorable methods for facing the most basic to the toughest interviews.

No tool is more valuable or more eye opening than the use of live video. In every media interview training conference, we include on-camera interview simulations. Our questions are individually developed, based on researched information and planned to keep you on your toes – just like a real interview.

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