Katie Couric Signs Off as CBS Evening News Anchor. Becoming the new Oprah next?

By Mike Bako
Katie Couric left the cushy confines of the Today Show 5 years ago in the hopes of making a ratings dent for the CBS Evening News as the first solo female anchor in broadcast history. The only dent Couric made was to her reputation.

She was never able to make any inroads against NBC or ABC in the ratings and her only signature moment as an anchor came in 2008 when she interviewed Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin and famously stumped her by asking what newspapers she read.

Couric did not do a bad job as anchor. She was just never able to connect with her audience the way that she did on the Today Show. Many of the skills and talents that she has are more suited for a less formal morning show format or, even better, a daytime talk show.

If Couric does decide to go down that lucrative road of a syndicated talk show I believe that her core audience will rediscover her and the only Katie Couric will soon be finding as much success as she had on the Today Show (This time with an even bigger paycheck!).

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