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To truly excel as a communicator in the media or in front of an audience, you must project that you are “in the moment.” That means you have to be so comfortable with what you are speaking about and how you are speaking that nothing can bother you, and you can react and change course in less than a second.

Nervous speakers are sometimes so focused on their prepared speeches that they wouldn’t notice it if half of their audience fell over from heart attacks. An in-the- moment speaker is constantly tracking the eyes and body language of individual audience members. If you are truly in the moment, you can alter, adjust, fine- tune, stop, speedup or slowdown instantly because you are reading your audience. That means you are so comfortable that you can instantly toss out an idea that comes to mind or respond to an audience member’s reaction on the spot. An in-the-moment media communicator is never thrown for a loop by a reporter, host or caller, because he or she is focused 100 percent on the question of the moment, not preoccupied by what to say in 5 or 10 seconds.

All great communicators use a conversational tone when speaking to their audiences, and nothing simulates the look and feel of an actual conversation more than being in the moment. It doesn’t matter if the person listening to you is your spouse at the breakfast table or 10,000 people in a convention hall.

It takes more than a few moments to become in the moment. Don’t expect to operate from this disposition in your first, or even tenth, major speech or media appearance. It takes time and persistence, but it is well worth the effort for you and your audiences.

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