How Small Business Owners Can Create Their Own Social Media TV Network -Media Training

Thanks to the social media revolution and the advent of cheap video technology the playing field is leveling between big huge corporations and small business owners. Gone is the time that the only way to reach your desired audience was through an expensive ad campaign or by hiring a pricey public relations firm.

For under a thousand dollars a small business owner can create their own multimedia empire and reach their target audience. This means that they do not have to hire a public relations firm to get them booked on CNBC or profiled in a glossy magazine. They can create their own broadcasts with the help of consumer grade cameras, a few wireless microphones and a felt backdrop all for a fifth of the price that a firm might charge them for one month of consulting.

The next step in the process is to flood the social media universe with your content and use it as a de-facto broadcast network for any programming you come up with.

If you already have a steady following on YouTube, Twiiter, Facebook, LinkedIn (to name just a few) you can use your videos to highlight new developments, products and initiates. If you do not have a huge following you can use your videos as an innovative way to introduce yourself to the universe of people who might be interested in what your company does.

I was able to put this theory to the test by bringing in a special guest, Cass Almendral of The Wall Street Solutions Group, to try out our new studio.

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