Hillary Clinton’s Public Speaking Requirements | Public Speaking

Lot’s of attention went to Hilary Clinton’s public speaking contract with UCLA recently.Much was made over the fact that she requested room temperature water with lemon on the stage and comfortable pillows on the couch where she would be interviewed by the host. Plus she asked for lots of fresh vegetables and healthy snacks in her waiting room.

All of these requests show me a person who takes public speaking seriously. While Hillary Clinton is famous and some people are overwhelmed by being in the presence of any famous person, it isn’t enough for Hillary to simply show up. Clinton has to do her very best in order to earn her $300,000 speaking fee. That’s why she is leaving nothing to chance.

I applaud her desire for room temperature water–this is best for the throat. Pillows for the couch shows she is concerned about being comfortable and at her best for the interview portion. And healthy vegetable snacks before she speaks means she wants to be at optimum energy levels for her presentations.

I will leave it to other people to make the case for or against Hillary Clinton politically, but her work ethic when it comes to preparation for public speaking should be admired across the political spectrum.

There’s one other thing that bares attention regarding Hillary Clinton’s public speaking skills. She used to be awful (as recently as 2008) because she had the Al Gore habit of yelling her whole speech to appear passionate. She now alters her tones and volume in a conversational way (jut as Bill Clinton has always done) and she is now a much more effective public speaker.

This is important to not because it shows how people can improve public speaking skills at any age and at any experience level.

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