Frequently Asked Questions​

We teach you how to SPEAK EFFECTIVELY to live audiences and to the news media. Whether you are giving a PRESENTATION or holding a press conference during a crisis, we help you look your best, create memorable stories and sound bites and deliver winning messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

We help executives become better communicators for all media opportunities. We find out our clients’ needs, create a specific series of videotaped exercises and simulated TV/media interview situations and then practice, practice, practice.

Our approach is to treat each person based on his or her needs, and not use some cookie cutter format workshop. (We ask that all clients fill out an extensive needs assessment to help us better prepare for the training session.) Every training session is unique to the person or persons trained. The one constant in every training session is that the client spends a great deal of time in front of the camera being recorded during interview situations, and then watching the performances on instant playback with critiques.

Media Training Worldwide believes that the best way to learn how to be a better communicator in the media is through experience–by performing in front of a video camera and then watching oneself on a screen and receiving personalized critiques. HOWEVER, we do not believe anyone can become a great communicator after a one or two day training session anymore than one can become an excellent writer or jazz musician after a one day course. That is why we have created an entire continuing education process to help our trainees improve their presentation skills on a regular basis. We start by asking every trainee to fill out a lengthy and detailed needs assessment. This helps us prepare better for the actual training session, but it also encourages the trainee to begin serious thought about his or her own speaking needs and improvement goals.

Next, we provide every trainee with our book, “1001 Ways to Wow the Media.” Many trainees feel their knowledge retention rate is much higher after their training session, if they have been exposed to many of the training principles in advance. Next, each trainee is sent one or more presentation training videos and audios to review in preparation for the training session. Thirty days before the live training session is to take place; trainees are given special access to our online Media Training school. On this clients’- only site, trainees can listen to nearly two dozen audio lectures on topics such as how to create sound bites and stick to a message.

Then, the actual training day takes place at your location or at the Media Training Worldwide Broadcast Center in New York. With most presentation trainers, that is where the training ends. We believe that, while live, in-person video training is THE MOST important step, and it is still only one step in the improvement process. That is why every trainee is given a free media/presentation tips newsletter, filled with helpful reminders, every two weeks for three years. Additionally, trainees will have access to the client online media school for one year.

Finally, every client receives a new media/presentation instructional video once a month AT NO EXTRA CHARGE for one year. The videos include such topics as how to give better interviews over the telephone and how to improve PowerPoint presentations.

All of these additional products and services are included in the same base price for the full day, half-day or two-day training session. There are no extra charges. (None of these products, services or access to the online school is available for purchase or sale; they can only be utilized in conjunction with the live training sessions.)

Developing a message, Bridging to message points, Controlling your message, Answering questions, Identifying loaded questions, Handling hostile interviews, Crisis communications, Artful repetition, Being persuasive, Reducing nervousness, Creating sound bites, Establishing groundrules for interviews, Looking good on TV, Improving body language, Using teleprompters/earpieces/microphones, Improving wardrobe, Using makeup, Speaking straight into the camera for satellite interviews, Getting more out of rehearsal and Dealing with producers.

Live TV, TV talk shows, In-studio interviews, Live Radio, Radio Talk shows, Edited news programs, Telephone interviews, Press conferences, Ambush interviews, Newspaper interviews, Editorial board meetings, Internet interviews, training videos, Book tours, and Spokesperson training.

Yes, we have a TV studio for training in Midtown Manhattan. We are located at 34 W. 38th street, floor 5, New York, NY 10018, steps from fifth avenue.

Yes, we can come to you. We bring the video camera, lights, microphones and other necessary equipment.

We offer 2-day, full-day and half-day programs. Private trainings and public workshops are available.

Yes, from 2 to as many as 400. However, the more people in a group, the less time each person spends in front of a camera, the less improvement is seen.

Yes, we will be happy to provide these to you.

Range of experience and a personal comfort level. A good presentation coach is like a psychiatrist. You need to be able to share anxieties and concerns about your appearance, your turkey neck, facial wrinkles. You need someone who can tell you if you sound like a pompous windbag without either one of you becoming uncomfortable.

Media Training Worldwide is a global company. Call our NY office to find out which Worldwide location can help you. Media Training Worldwide: India is managed by Ravi Shyam, is based in Bombay India. Shyam offers a localized program, tailored to the business community based in India. To learn more visit:


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