Explained How Can a Video Generate More Money (Part 2)

Your Exciting Video Newsletters Will Outshine

Whether you’re a one-person company or a multibillion-dollar corporation, you probably are sending one or more newsletters to your subscribers. Mostly, newsletters are in a text format. However, videos bring in more engagement than text. Your video newsletter could be a personalized message to your customers. It gets people to think that you’ve taken time out for them rather than just sending a plain text. 

Your Client Video Testimonials Will Prove Your Credibility Beyond a Doubt

If your potential prospects visit your website to check your services, and all they see are text testimonials. They might feel suspicious about whether your past clients gave that testimonial themselves or you made that up yourself. To overcome any unpleasant situation where you might lose a potential business opportunity out of mere suspicion, here’s what you should do. 

Ask your previous client to record a video where they explain how your product or services solved their problem. It comes across as a far more authentic and powerful way to close a deal with future prospects. Remember, it’s one thing to tell others how great your services are, but when other businesses vouch for you, it’s simply more believable.

Facebook Live Will Never Scare You Again

Facebook Live is another great option for communicating with your clients. What gives you an edge over others is that most people are scared of doing anything live. They can’t cut it, do a retake, etc. If it’s done, it’s done. That’s why, fewer of your competitors are doing this. Taking advantage of this opportunity, you’re really cutting through the clutter once again. 

As an added bonus, Facebook loves it if you do frequent live sessions. It rewards you by putting you in front of many more of your followers. You can interact with your community right then and there, address their concerns, and turn people into customers. 

A pro-tip for FB live: Hold the cell phone a couple of inches above your eyes. What most people do is they have it down. It’s shooting up their nose, and the only thing viewers see is the light above their heads. As a result, it darkens their face. 

You should try to keep it a couple of inches above your eyes, or at least no lower than your eye level. If you want to take it up a notch, have your mobile set up in a tripod stand, which will look much nicer. 

Project Your Face on Skype or Zoom

Skype has been around for a long time, but a lot of people like to use Zoom these days. Be it business meetings or a call with your customers. For the latter, this type of call works best when you’re offering a service and building a relationship with them. The more you do it, the more comfortable and better you get at it. Eventually, more people will tune in as they grow a connection with you. 

Supercharge Your Public Relations Efforts with Video

Let’s say, your city experiences an unexpected power outage at 10:00 in the morning.  Well, by 10:30 at the most, you should be done recording an analysis video. Now upload it on YouTube. Tweet it. Publish it on Facebook, Instagram, you name it. Next thing you know, you have got the attention of local media. They might end up inviting you to their show if you’ve made a strong point in the video. This strategy will supercharge your PR, thanks to the power of video-making! 

The Crisis Communications Secret Weapon

If you are a manager and there is some kind of an explosion or a fire at your power plant. Next thing you know, everyone wants to know whether or not your team is safe. In such a crisis, a smart move is to record a short video to update the world regarding the crisis situation. From there on, all the local TV stations can take it. Print organizations, text organizations, and radio people can pull the audio from it. This video will do two things for you: 

  • It will help you communicate with the world during a crisis
  • It will establish your position as a responsible team leader

Drastically Reduce Your Time Training Employees and Others 

Think about it, if there’s any form of expertise you have that other people could derive value from. Maybe you want to make it available in the form of an online course for your own employees. It could save you time if they go through that video training before working with you. 

Besides, they could watch it and rewatch it if they need reinforcement on specific points. Isn’t it an incredible way to save your time rather than you having to explain something to new employees every single time? 

However, if you get valuable feedback from your team, why not make it available to the public in the form of a well-packed course? It may not pay off the house or buy a swimming pool for you, but if you market it the way it’s supposed to be, it can generate you a decent amount of passive income. Who wouldn’t want that? 

You are Now Ready to Use Video Successfully in All Communications


Video making can be a life-changing decision. If you keep giving excuses like I’ll start when I lose 20 pounds or when I buy all the required equipment. Trust me, it will never happen. So, my challenge for you go back through this list and figure out what you can do today.  

Make a video that you’re going to put out there for the world, whether it’s for your website, your Facebook page, your YouTube channel. Make a video today! Even if it’s just with your cell phone. Don’t spend time worrying about the technology or the right editing software. For starters, you can drop a link to your video in the comments below, where others can watch it and give you feedback. 

Let the magic begin! 

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