Can Rupert Survive?

No! There have been too many cuts and he is bleeding to death. That’s not just metaphorical; one of his employees was just found dead.

Rupert basically has two choices in the coming weeks:

1. Tough it out, dig in, and fight to the bitter end. In this scenario, government officials in England and the US chew his meat off the bones, and then strip away News corps’ rights to any broadcast licenses. Investors flee. The market cap of News Corp is decimated by 90%+ and finally must be sold for pennies on the dollar.

Or this option.

2. Rupert decides to “retire.” A squeaky clean outsider is brought in to run the company. All the old hack/sleaze news editors are fired. A big liberal New York times/Washington Post type is brought in as the Ombudsmen/in-house ethicist. Under this scenario, the company survives, the stock price remains stable, and Rupert can focus on grand kids and gardening.

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