Become a Motivational Speaker For An Audience of One – Yourself!

Happy holidays!  It is the week before Christmas.   New year’s is right around the corner and with that a lot of people I know, I am you probably are too are thinking about new year’s resolutions.   It is a clean slate a time to make some changes. Perhaps change habits for the new year. So how do you do that exactly?

For years many people around the world  have hired me when they want to become  motivational speakers, inspirational  speakers and I do train and still train  people on how to be more effective, inspirational speakers and motivational  speakers but increasingly I help people like you figure out how to be motivational speakers not for audiences  but for an audience of one yourself, myself. The people the audience that we really care about the most, that has the biggest impact on our life typically is ourselves. If we can give a motivational speech to ourselves to change that can be priceless. It can sometimes change your life. So, what am I talking about here?

An affirmation, looking in a mirror, saying I am wonderful, I am nice, everybody loves me. That sounds a bit cheesy that is not exactly what I am talking about. But what I am talking about is telling yourself what your goals are and what habits you want in a little speech. Now the speech can be one minute long but here is the magic that did not really exist thirty years ago, twenty years ago and throughout most of human history give a speech, just on your own cell phone.

No one else has to hear it use the audio memo record function and simply tell yourself, your vision of how you want to live your life and what goals you have and specifically what habits you want. So, let me give you an example. It was just a year ago I was overweight, I was 35 pounds heavier than I am today and I was not happy with that. I gave myself basically a little motivational speech. I went to my cell phone, hit the audio record in the memo function and I just told myself and (you may laugh. This may sound cheesy but it really did work) I am 35 pounds later. And I said TJ you are healthy (and it was not video just audio) you are healthy. You are going to live to be a hundred years old.  You are your proper body weight because you are healthy and active and have full energy. You are a healthy eater. You ate three meals a day.  You do not snack in between meals because. You are not running marathons and you are not a construction worker.  You just eat three meals a day. You drink your coffee without sugar. You do not have sweets and sugar unless it is an occasional tiny snack, dessert after dinner but other than that you eat only until you are full not until you are stuffed.  You eat until you are no longer hungry. You do not eat until you cannot put another bite in. You do not eat seconds.  You go to a buffet. You have one plate full of food and you try to cover half the plate with vegetables. And I just went on a couple more minutes nothing you have not heard a thousand times.  Here is the difference I recorded it on an audio and I just listened to that audio first thing every day does not require any great self-discipline. I just hit click, takes one second and I can listen to this while reading the news.  Doing other things, going for a walk it is passive.  It is this passive consumption kind of the same way McDonald’s and dunking to give right chicken gets to you through radio ads and constant bombardment with online ads.

Doing it once and then subjecting myself to it again and again and again creates the repetition and that is where there is really power. Any advertiser will tell you there is trim, this power if you have unlimited budget to hit someone again and again and again with the same message. Well in this case it costs nothing. I am not hiring a recording artist or an ad agency to make the atom just talking to myself on my own cell phone recording it once and hitting play.  It is very simple to do we are used to taking selfie pictures but we are not really used to capturing our own voice and listening to it.

Now the reason I think this is so much more effective than just affirmations is I do not know about you. I have never seen anyone who can say it the same affirmation after about a week. It feels stupid you forget about it.  It is boring but with listening to an audio all you have to do is hit it once. Now I do this for other habits too but it is very effective if you are trying to get healthier exercise more, lose weight. One of my tips is simply everyday do as many pushups as you can do, you know one minute. It is only one minute. I just tell myself that every day and then I have a little check mark on my phone. Did I do it? When I started probably should not tell you this.  It is a little embarrassing.  I only did one now I am doing more than 40 every single day in less than a minute. I will probably cap out around 60.  That is about the most you can do in a minute at least the most I think I will be able to do but simple little habits. The key is not that there is anything brilliant in those habits the key is recording a message in your own voice. Using your own name telling yourself that is who you are that is your identity and that is what makes it more powerful and makes a connection with you. So that you can actually do it.

By the way if you are interested in, I call these things selfie speak programs selfie speak audio programming if you are interested in this for losing weight or any other aspect of self-improvement or building new habits. I have a number of new courses they employ the use of this technology. So, click below you will see some links to some discounts for the courses. They will all be marked down by at least 90 percent. So, I hope you enjoy this for the holiday. If you want to start getting ahead of your news resolutions this is the time to do it so check out the courses on time management on habits on how to have greater focus and greater creativity and other aspects of personal development. Check out the courses I hope you will find them helpful. thanks!

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