Monthly Archives: February 2012

How will you know when you are making some headway with your social media videos, short of, say 10 million views on YouTube?

BY TJ Walker There are many ways of marking milestones when it comes to your progress with creating social media videos. Of course it’s nice when things are as simple as 10 million views on your YouTube “views” counter. One key indicator is that people start expecting and looking for and even asking for your […]

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Secrets Of Crowdsourcing Social Conversations: Inside Communications Radio With Mike Bako

Mr. Spiegel recently joined Inside Communications Radio with Mike Bako. In his interview, Richard discussed his article at CommPRO, “Secrets of Crowdsourcing Social Conversations.’ Within the nonstop news media cycle and even more chaotic social media world, businesses look for ways to capture large trending topics. Mr. Speigel states in his article, “Big brands have […]

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How do you edit video? What is best program?

BY TJ Walker My advice on editing social media videos is to do this: don’t. That’s right; I’m suggesting that you don’t bother editing. Instead, recording “live to tape” (even though you aren’t using tape in all likelihood) is the better way to go. While editing has gotten simpler, cheaper and faster over the years, […]

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