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TJ Walker, Keynote Speaker

With over 25 years of experience Walker is known the world over for being the personal presentation/media coach to Presidents, Prime Ministers, CEO’s, US Senators, Super Bowl Winners and Nobel Peace Prize Winners. He is the CEO and founder of the training company TJ Walker Speaking.

Walker’s latest book, TJ Walker’s Secret to Foolproof Presentations, became a national best seller reaching #1 on the USA Today best seller list, Business Week and Wall Street Journal best seller lists.

While promoting his book Walker became a speaking world champion by breaking the world record for speaking on the most talk shows in a 24 hour period when he appeared on 112 radio talk show in June of 2009.

Walker is a frequent guest commentator on the and has appeared on  CNN, MSNBC, CBS News, Fox News Channel, Court TV, Comedy Central and Bloomberg TV.

He is also a pioneer in online learning having produced the largest school of online, interactive presentation and media training on the internet.

The DVD TJ Walker's Secret to Speaking Like Obama was featured on CNN, CBS Sunday Morning and in Business Week Magazine.







GO SOCIAL, GO GLOBAL : Using talk head (speaking) social media to increase your presence on the internet

ARE YOU RECESSION-PROOF? : How to ramp up your sales presentation in a down economy!

TURN THE MEDIA SPOTLIGHT ON YOU: Make the news with your expertise

BULLY PULPITS:  TJ Walker’s Speaking Secrets of World Famous Leaders

TJ WALKER'S SECRET TO FOOLPROOF PRESENTATIONS: 25 years of TJ's training experience brought to life

DONT GO DOWN WITH THE SHIP: How to handle a crisis in the media



TJ Walker in the media:




From 30 Minutes to 3 Hours
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This keynote can be tailored to the following subject areas:


Turn the media spotlight on you: Make the news with your expertise

The drunk starlet or controversial reality TV star caught in the latest scandal might get someone onto TV on a nightly basis but for all the wrong reasons.

Want to become a media star for all the right reasons?  Want to be the person the bookers at CNN, MSNBC and FOX News go to for your expertise and insight?

TJ Walker will explain how you can be on your way to becoming a media star.





BULLY PULPITS:  TJ Walker’s Speaking Secrets of World Famous Leaders

TJ Walker will entertain, educate and inspire your audience by showing brief video clips of world famous speakers and offering his unique analysis.

  • Through TJ’s analysis and use of video you will learn the 4 goals to strive for every time you present:
  • Make sure people UNDERSTAND your ideas
  • Become more MEMORABLE
  • Create ACTION
  • Create WORD OF MOUTH

Customize your desired speech by having TJ focus on the Speaking Secrets of World Famous Conservative Stars (Reagan, Churchill, Giuliani, T. Roosevelt) or Speaking Secrets of Barack Obama.



The #1 fear people have is public speaking. The fear of speaking in public can keep people up late at night, stall their career and make them uncomfortable in front of coworkers.

TJ Walker has the speaking solution. He brings his #1 USA TODAY best selling book and over 25 years of training experience to life as he details the ways someone can be on their way to foolproof presentations.

  • How to create action when you speak
  • Body language: A few small changes equal big results
  • PowerPoint: How to avoid putting people to sleep
  • The best ways to quickly put your presentation together
  • The secret to knowing every message and every PowerPoint slide without memorizing them!



Go Social, Go Global : Using social media to increase your presence on the internet

The days of You Tube being a place where you would only find videos of kittens doing cute things or of someone ranting into their web camera from their bedroom are long over. You Tube and the hundreds of other social media web sites have now become the place to find news, break news and communicate your message.

  • Why Internet video is the MOST powerful and LEAST utilized form of social media today
  • Why simple speaking videos can be hugely successful to you even when they have small viewership
  • Why most video concepts are killed by inappropriate and unnecessary over-complication
  • Why unscripted videos are usually better and faster than scripted videos.
  • What you should do when you receive negative comments posted about your videos.
  • How to demystify video creation so that it is no more complex than talking and typing!

TJ Walker providing simple video commentary on the first 2009 New York City Mayoral Debate via You Tube and the end result of the video being syndicated on the New York Daily News website.


Are you recession-proof? : How to ramp up your sales presentation in a down economy!

The economy is down, the unemployment rates are still high and you are afraid you might become the next statistic that they speak about on the news.

How can you avoid this? What one skill never goes out of style? What is the skill that you can take from you from a middle rung employee to the promotion you have always wanted?

The ability to be a confident and comfortable public speaker will help take your sales presentations to the next level and take your career to the next level!

TJ Walker Toastmasters D46 keynote Fall Conference from RBTM info on Vimeo.


DONT GO DOWN WITH THE SHIP: Handling a crisis in the Media

TJ Walker will draw on his 25 years of training and media experience to tell you how to avoid the pitfalls most people fall into when they face a crisis in the media.

What to do. How to prepare. How to think on your seat and not on your feet when the bright lights and cameras are in your face!




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Special Service:

Personalized Video As Promotion For Upcoming Speaking Event

TJ Walker can provide a personalized video promoting an event starting as early as 6 weeks from event. Another video two week out and a final wrap-up video after the event has been completed.



Contact Information:

Phone: 212.764.4955

34 West 38th Street

5th Floor
New York, NY


TJ on TV


The TJ Walker Show ~ TJ's Daily show offering comments and insights on the broad topic of speaking.
Fox and Friends ~ Watch TJ on the country's number one morning show.
Bloomberg TV ~ See TJ speak about Media Training to a Small Business audience.
The Speaking Channel ~ TJ is a host that offers comments and advice on notable speeches.

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