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Dear Communications Professional,

Would you like to advance your career, business or cause every single time you talk to the media? Never again will you fear or dread upcoming interviews. You can stop worrying that your words will be “taken out of context” or that you will be “misquoted.” Most journalists receive four or more years of formal training on how to ask questions and elicit information from you. Isn’t it fair that you receive at least one day of formal training before dealing with reporters? Would you get in the ring with George Foreman without first taking a few boxing lessons? Get the training you need - sign up for my media training seminar on June 23rd 2008 in New York City.
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Eliminate Your Fears of Speaking to the Media!

Public speaking is the number one fear most people have. And talking to the media is a type of public speaking. I vividly remember the first time I was on TV—it nearly scared me to death! This fear causes us to behave in irrational, self-destructive ways. Most executives would never, in their wildest dreams, send out a new brochure to all of their clients without first writing several drafts, reviewing each one, spell checking it, editing it, getting feedback from colleagues, passing it by the legal department and finally placing it on a graphically designed logo or letterhead.

Yet these same executives will “wing it” when it comes to giving interviews on ABC’s 20/20 or to the New York Times. The results?


Even when the results are less than disastrous, the message and image that come through from the interview are often mixed of fuzzy. This does not have to be your destiny.

There is no greater secret weapon in business than to know how to persuade people of your ideas and mission via the media. This is what you will learn in the Media Master PresentPro™ System.

You may already think of yourself as a good speaker or communicator. You might get standing ovations when you present.

Nice, but that is completely irrelevant when it comes to handling the media. A media interview is unlike any other conversation you have in your daily life. It is the only conversation where you have absolutely no control over the context of how your words will be presented to the final audience. I will teach you the tricks of the trade so that your message is so sharp, clear and memorable, it won’t matter what the media do with it!

You may be a polished platform performer. Again, totally irrelevant to how you will come across on TV. Television is not a hard medium to master, but if you don’t know the dozen most important secrets of that medium, you will come across as stiffer, fatter, less convincing and more monotone than you do in real life.

How do you know what to say to the media?

The first thing most executives do is consume valuable hour after hour brainstorming on every single question a reporter could ask. This is a complete waste of time.

I will teach you how to save time by focusing on that over which you have total control: the words and messages that come out of your mouth.

Unfortunately, when you are dealing with the media, having a simple, clear message isn’t good enough; you must learn to speak in sound bites.

Are you not quite sure what a sound bite is?

Don’t worry, I have a simple 10-step system that can turn any dry, complex message point into a juicy, quotable sound bite that will make even the most cynical report powerless to ignore.When it comes to communicating on TV, you must have style AND substance. You can have the greatest message in the world, but if you are wearing the wrong tie or sitting improperly, no one will ever remember your message.

The real test of your media interview is this: did you get your message across, the exact sound bites or quotes that you planned in advance, and did you look and sound the way you wanted to?

Becoming an excellent media communicator is one of those things many people put off for another day—sort of like cleaning the garage or becoming a Black Belt. Sadly, this can have a deadly affect on your career—and you might not ever be made aware of it.

"I now realize that there is a set of processes to go through in developing message points and soundbites. I feel that this will improve my confidence tremendusly."

Jen Dillon
Sr Communications Manager
Harris Bank


Leaders Know How to Communicate With The Media

Rudy Giuliani, Bill Clinton, Lee Iacocca, Ronald Reagan—regardless of your politics or business, the one leadership trait that transcends all else is strong verbal communication skills that translate through the media. Now, you too, can learn the tricks of the masters.

So why do you need to come to the Media Master PresentPro™ Workshop?

After all, there are scores of books and videos in your local library on the subject of dealing with the media. Sadly, reading about how to look good on television doesn’t work any better than reading about how to ride a bike. Giving media interviews without instant video feedback often makes bad habits become more ingrained.

If you want to learn how to be a better media communicator you have to present in simulated media settings—but that’s not enough. You have to watch yourself on videotape, often second by second. With the help of your seminar leader and your other participants, you will get a precise accounting of what your strengths are, your weaknesses, and, most important, step-by-step instructions on how to solve your specific problems. And you will do this repeatedly until you are satisfied with your media performance.

"TJ Walker's single-minded devotion to presentation training has made him the #1 expert for executives seeking guidance on speaking to the public and media."

Bob Bowdon
Anchor/Reporter, Bloomberg Television


You Will Develop Your Own Media Strengths

Your strengths and weaknesses are unique to you. I can’t use a cookie-cutter approach to solve your problems or tell you in advance that I have one size to fit all your weaknesses. What I can tell you is that your performance will be analyzed and probed and diagnosed in a way that is specific to you. That is the only way you can truly learn to improve.

This seminar is physically intensive. You will be tired by the time you go home. There will be no more than 15 of us together. This is not one of those seminars where hundreds of people are packed into a large convention hall and lectured to by an all-knowing guru. You will be on the center stage for much of the workshop. It will be exhausting, but well worth it.

Once you learn the basics of excellent media communication, your body and mind will get more comfortable with the whole media process. Your tensions associated with upcoming interview opportunities will gradually melt away. Over time, you will learn to actually enjoy every media opportunity. (That may sound like baloney now, but at some point you will objectively understand that you have become a far better than the average communicator. This realization will make every media opportunity seem like free advertising).

I look forward to working with you.


TJ Walker
Media Training Worldwide


You can ace any interview, look comfortable and confident, get your message across and speak in sound bites


Never fear a media interview again!

How would you like to become a media savvy communicator every time you speak to reporters! You can learn to communicate the exact message you want. You can get the media to use the precise quotes and sound bites you created. And you can look comfortable and sound relaxed on TV and all media interviews.

TJ Walker, CEO of Media Training Worldwide



Ah, Um, Er, You Know...
Eliminate Verbal Ticks



Training Date:
..TBA - see

..- 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

NYC -Just off Times Square

Media Training Worldwide
34 West 38th St - FLR 5
New York, NY 10018 (between 5th and 6th Ave.)

You Will Be Trained In a TV Studio

The Media Training Worldwide Studio, located in Manhattan’s Times Square District, has the following:
• TV talk show set
• Studio lighting
• Satellite interview set with backdrop
• Executive TelePrompTer
• Virtual reality audiences
• Large monitors
• Video cameras and playback capabilities

TJ Walker on Location at the Media Training Worldwide studio located at Times Square, New York


Benefits of the Media Master PresentPro™ Workshop

• Get your message out to the media
• Never be misquoted
• Get the exact quotes you want in the media
• Command professional respect
• Convey style AND substance
• Reduce the amount of time preparing for interviews
• Eliminate fears
• Reduce tension
• Project leadership

At Media Training Worldwide, our clients are at center stage unlike this rare footage of TJ Walker speaking at one of the many workshops conducted here.

You will learn skills you can use for yourself,
or to help train your clients and colleagues:

• Develop a message
• Bridge to message points
• Create sound bites
• Look good on TV
• Control your message
• Improve body language
• Answer questions
• Use TelePrompTers, earpieces, and microphones
• Identify loaded questions
• Handle hostile interviews
• Improve wardrobe
• Prepare for crisis communications
• Use makeup
• Deliver repetition
• Master satellite interviews
• Be more persuasive
• Get more out of rehearsal
• Reduce nervousness
• Build a media strategy
• Deal with producers

What situations will this workshop prepare you for?

• Newspaper interviews
• Live TV
• Trade publication interviews
• TV talk shows
• Celebrity appearances
• In-studio interviews
• Live radio
• Editorial board meetings
• Radio talk shows
• Internet interviews
• Edited news programs
• Training videos
• Telephone interviews
• Infomercials
• Press conferences
• Book tours
• Spokesperson training
• Sales presentations
• Depositions
• Regulatory hearings
• Legislative hearings
• Product announcements
• Ambush interviews

TJ Walker with participants at a presentation and interview skills workshop

Who should not attend?

If you want to sit back and listen to an instructor lecture while you take notes, then this is not the seminar for you. If you are looking to get trained to play online roulette games like the best and win huge roulette payouts!

In this workshop each participant will perform repeatedly in front of the group, and will receive videotaped critiques. If your goal is to sound boring and bland or to sound the way most “professional” business communicators sound, then this seminar is not for you.


Program schedule

Module One:

Media Basics

How to look and sound better
Body Language & Voice covered
Participants interviewed

Module Two:

Message Development System
Participants interviewed

Module Three:

Answering System
Learn to not worry about questions being asked,
Become armed with techniques to deliver the best answer
Message Bridging Techniques
Participants interviewed

Module Four:

Sound Bite Creation System
Learn how to create sound bites the media can't resist
Learn how to easily USE sound bites you've created in advance
Participants interviewed

Watch TJ Walker talk about the Process of Media Training


Program Methodology

The coach/trainer will provide brief tips and guidelines on each aspect of effective media communication. The trainee will then stand or sit for simulated interviews, while being videotaped. Next, the trainer will provide a definitive critique of the trainee’s performance with immediate feedback and performance enhancement instructions.

The training session is packed with plenty of videotaping and critique time. This is the process where the new techniques are ingrained into each participant's skill set. It is imperative that each participant receives as much videotaping and critique time as possible to effectively learn and exercise the techniques. We make thesession what you want the session to be. Therefore, whatever your goals and focus are, we will meet them.


On-Going Customized Support

We also provide on-going support services on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, as you prefer. Imagine that you get a daylong, personlized golf lesson from Tiger Woods. That would be great, right? But what would happen if you didn't golf for 6 months or receive any more golf lessons. Your golf game would be right back where it was the day before your lesson with Tiger. That's the problem with most conventional media trainings; they end at 5:00 p.m.. The trainee leaves with a temporary "high" feeling. But then, the very next day, the skills learned in the training begin to fade. A few months later, the trainee is no better off than the day before the training.

TJ Walker and Media Training Worldwide have created a personized, on-going, multimedia training program that is tailored to your exeact short-term and long-term needs and wants. After the training session you will get to create your own personal follow-up training programming with your instructor.


Watch TJ Walker answer common questions about the workshop

What makes our Training different? (online video)

What goes on during Training? (online video)

What is Media Training like? (online video)



"I just wanted to thank you for a phenomenal day Wednesday. I think it was one of the very best, if not the best training experience I have ever had. I look forward to working with you more in the future. Thanks for a wonderful learning experience."

Chip Sharkey
Sr. Vice President
Lillian Vernon






Media Training Worldwide has prepared clients for interviews with most major American media outlets. The following is a partial list of places where our clients have appeared after training:

CBS News
ABC News
NBC News
Today Show
Bloomberg TV
Fox News Channel
Court TV
Lifetime Network

New York Times
Wall Street Journal
Washington Post
Business Week

National Public Radio
Westwood One
ABC Radio
NBC Radio



" TJ Walker is the leading media trainer in the world and Media Training A – Z is the ideal resource for presenting well on TV. It’s no secret why the same people constantly pop up on the 24 hour news channels – they incorporate all of the skills that TJ writes about in his book. As a TV producer, it always makes my job much easier when an interviewee can craft a great sound bite and look calm and cool while doing it... it's not an easy thing to do but Media Training A – Z is the perfect handbook for pulling it off. I’d highly recommend this book for anyone who is planning on doing any TV work."
Stu Miller
Viacom News Producer


“Media Training Worldwide is flat out better than any other presentation training firm we have ever used. They get better results in one day of training than other training companies do in 2 day seminars. The bottom line is that Media Training Worldwide changes our executives for the better; when they leave a Media Training Worldwide workshop they speak with much more confidence and passion. TJ Walker has made radical and permanent positive transformations with many of our employees. I can’t imagine using any other presentation training firm.”
Jim Miller
Amerada Hess


"My name is Michael Gallant and I am the director of public relations for EMC Corporation. We were fortunate to have TJ Walker in for a day of public relations and media training and I can tell you his approach was superb. He was able to help my entire team operate more efficiently (and) maximize their message penetration to their audience. I can tell you his pace was incredible, he was extremely articulate and he got the whole group involved. We really enjoyed the day."
Michael Gallant,
Director of Public Relations for EMC


“I put the skills learned in your seminar to excellent use. I was told by the producer that it was refreshing to work with someone who was comfortable in front of the camera and could get their message points out. So, kudos to you for training me! It was a wonderful experience."
Roxanne Moster,


“I recently had an occasion to address a TV crew concerning the sale of our business being announced. I prepared my "three key points" and kept stating them repeatedly. I did several seconds of air time but was edited to only one key point. When the interview was completed the news reporter commented "you have done this before". Actually I had not, but the Worldwide Media training I received in Chicago really worked. Thanks for giving me the "how to do" and confidence.”
Bill Stricklen,
Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals LLC


Why is this the best value
for your money?

TJ Walker, CEO of Media Training Worldwide
Explains how to achieve long-term permanent change.

Seminar fee
PRSA members: $1495
Nonmembers $1695

What will you get?

1. Handbook “1001 Ways to Wow the Media”
2. Video “TV Basics” (How to prepare for TV interviews)
3. Video “TV Tips for Intermediates
4. Video “Telephone Interviews with the Media”
5. Video “Speak in Sound Bites”
6. Yearlong subscription, “Media Training Media/Presentation Newsletter”
7. 30-day unlimited email consultation after the workshop
8. Wallet cards “Top Ten Tips When Preparing for Interviews”
9. QuoteController™ software
10. Special Report “The Quote Doctor”
11. Full Year’s use of our Online Media Training School


  Who is Media Training Worldwide
and why are we the leaders?


Early registration bonus
If you register by May 30, 2008, you will receive a FREE Audio, “Controlling Your Message.”

2nd Bonus—Get a previous media interview of yours critiqued (IQommunicate™) in advance of the seminar, if you mail us the tape.

Group Discount  
A discount is available to organizations registering three or more people for the same seminar. Contact the Professional Development Division at for more information.

Cancellations must be submitted in writing and mailed to PRSA Registration, 411 Lafayette Street, Suite 201, New York, NY 10003, or faxed to 212-460-5460. Cancellations received seven to 14 days before the seminar are subject to a $100 cancellation charge; there are no refunds or credits for those received less than seven days before the seminar date. If you cannot attend, you may have someone attend in your place — please contact the Professional Development Division at

Tax deductible
This educational seminar may be a tax-deductible business expense. Please consult with your CPA and tax attorney.


For Questions Regarding the Seminar:
Contact: Rosemary at or call 1-800-755-7220.
For questions regarding registration contact Palisades at 1-800-350-011.



TJ Walker Bio

TJ Walker, Media Training Worldwide CEO and Lead Instructor

TJ Walker, CEO of Media Training Worldwide, is one of the leading authorities on media and presentation training in the world. With more than 20 years of media training experience, Walker has trained thousands of CEOs, authors, and experts, including leading government officials in the United States, European Prime Ministers, and African diplomats.

A leading corporate trainer, Walker has personally trained top executives at Unilever, Bank of America, Hess, Allstate Insurance, Charles Schwab, Akzo Nobel, US Trust, Dun and Bradstreet, The Hartford, and EMC. He is also the official media trainer of the Miss Universe Organization.

Walker is the most widely published and produced media trainer in the globe, with more than 50 books, training videos, CDs, and software programs to his credit. He has also been a media columnist for Investor Relations Magazine. Additionally, Walker is known around the globe for his many years as a political commentator for the Voice of America Radio Network. More than 65,000 readers subscribe to Walker’s weekly Media Training Tips Newsletter, including a majority of the Fortune 500 corporations in American.

Media Training Worldwide is known as an industry leader in the media and presentation training fields. The firm produces more media and presentation training programs, in more formats, than any other firm. It is the number one media training firm listed in Yahoo! out of 30 million sites listing media training.

Walker is a frequent news commentator and has appeared often on MSNBC, Fox News Channel, Court TV, and Bloomberg TV. He has also been a syndicated TV and talk show host, appearing or hosting on more than 2000 TV and radio shows. Walker has also hosted talk radio shows on seven different networks. Walker has been featured in the New York Times, NBC News, ABC News, CBS radio and most major radio news outlets.

Walker was a merit scholar at Duke University where he graduated magna cum laude. He has lectured or conducted trainings at Yale University, Columbia University and Princeton University.




9 AM – 5 PM One-Day Workshop
34 West 38th St - FLR 5
New York, NY 10018